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DVD duplication is a wonderful thing. If you want an extra copy of a movie you own or you have a DVD that skips, DVD duplication will come in handy. You will be able to make backup copies of DVDs, games, VHS tapes and more. DVD duplication is easy using some of the new software available. Choosing your DVD duplication software is much more difficult than operating it. Some really good software is out there and you will have to do some comparison shopping to see which one is best for you.

DVD Wizard Pro is a great choice for DVD duplication. This software is very popular and customers who have purchased it are mostly quite satisfied. The DVD Wizard Pro is very easy to use and those who own it are big fans. This DVD duplication software has been around for a long time and has very comprehensive features. It also has an excellent rating.

Easy DVDX has a moderate to high rating among DVD duplication buyers. Owners say it is really easy to figure out and use. The satisfaction rate isn’t quite as high as the DVD Wizard Pro but the software does come with a free bonus entitled “Video Game Copy Secrets”. This is a helpful tool and popular with customers.

DVD Squeeze is not as easy to use as the first two software programs discussed in this article but still has good atings. This DVD duplication software is rated moderate to high/moderate in the popularity/satisfaction category. DVD Squeeze has the top compression capability of any of the software. Media Master has a moderate popularity/satisfaction rating and is not as easy to use according to some customers. If you are considering this DVD duplication software make sure it’s really the one you like the best.

When looking for DVD duplication software, be sure to look around and compare prices. There are many places to purchase DVD duplication software and the prices can vary. There are many features to consider when making a purchase of DVD duplication software. The features may vary but if you buy high quality DVD duplication software, you will be able to copy your whole DVD library. The DVD duplication software will allow you to copy any DVD or movie to CD or DVD. If you want to copy PS2, XBox, PSX, or PC games, the DVD duplication software will appeal to you. You can also back up your entire VHS collection or copy a DVD that has become scratched. DVD duplication software is what you will need to accomplish any of these tasks.

Movies will take quite awhile to copy because of the large file size and none of the DVD duplication software is really speedy. It will take you several hours to copy a movie no matter which DVD duplication software you purchase. It is usually a good idea to start copying the movie at night and then it will be ready in the morning.

DVD duplication is not a daunting task if you have the proper software.

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