How to Copy a DVD
by Steve Bishop

If you do a simple search engine search, you will find that there are many websites dedicated to teaching you how to copy DVDs and also on selling software to help you copy DVDs. There is software designed to copy DVD to DVD, VHS to DVD and even video games such as the Playstation 2 games.

Copy Software

There are so many different types of copy software out there. There are also chips that are sold that can be installed into your device to allow you to read the versions of the DVDs that you copy. This over rides the security features that the manufacturer had placed on the disc. Some of these software programs can run for up to $149.00 or more. But many people consider this acceptable when you look at DVDs being about $19.95 and up each. You can make as many copies as you want of DVDs with the one time purchase of the DVD copy software. You can also make copies of DVDs that you currently own. Since DVDs are sensitive to heat, they can wear down over time after being played and getting scratched and they will no longer work. If you make backup copies of your movies, you don’t have to worry about this.

DVD Piracy

One thing that confuses many people is what is legal and what is illegal when it comes to copying DVDs. The same as copying CDs or downloading music from the internet, this can be a very confusing topic. You may wonder why if copying DVDs is illegal, why there are so many sites that advertise how to do it. If you take notice, most of these sites advertise as how to make a “back up copy” of your disc. This means you are simply making a copy for your own use in case one copy was to become broken. This is legal. You can make as many copies of your own movie as you want. You are not, however, allowed to distribute those copies in any way. Many people think that as long as they are not receiving money for it, then it is okay to share them. This is false information.

If you buy a legal copy of a DVD movie, copy it yourself, then give that copy to a friend that is piracy. Even if you get no profit from it, you are cutting into the profits of the movie industry.

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