Tips for Online DVD Rental
by Scott M. Senne

Frequently asked questions for online DVD Rental Services

What is an Online DVD Rental Service?

An online DVD Club or online DVD Rental Service works on similar principle as your local library with a few important exceptions:1. You never have to leave home -- you make all your movie selections using the internet. 2. You pay a monthly flat fee -- how much you pay depends on how many movies you want to have checked out at any given time. 3. There are never any late charges -- this is how your local movie rental store makes a lot of money, at your expense.With most online DVD Rental Companies you go to their Web site and create a list (or queue) of the movies you want to see. You then rank your movies on your list in the order you'd like to see them. Based on availability and your ranking the movies on your list will be shipped to you via first class mail. Generally the selection and availability is very good at more well known DVD rental sites.

Is it a better deal than my local DVD rental store?

Odds are yes, especially if you're like most people and end up paying late fees. If you rent 6 movies per month at $4 dollars each you end up paying $24 dollars a month (this doesn't even include late fees, or if your renting from Blockbuster you no longer pay late fees they just make you buy the movie after 7 days ;(), whereas with an online DVD Rental Company you can easily view 6 movies in a month with the 3 DVD Plan that costs on average $20 dollars, and never pay any late fees.

What other considerations are there in choosing a DVD rental plan?

If you like having a selection of movies on hand at any given time pick a plan with more DVDs.If you want movies for the kids as well as yourself pick a plan with more DVDs.Location can also be a factor in your decision, the farther away you live the longer the shipping time.Most DVD rental clubs let you change plans or cancel at any time.

Okay now I've joined an online DVD Rental site, now how do I get the most out it?

Don't let your movies sit around, watch them. If you find that you don't have time to watch the movies you have on hand, change your plan. Most DVD Rental Companies let you change your plan at any time. Be sure to send your movies back as soon as you watch them and keep your DVD rental queue full. That way you'll get the most out of your membership.

There are so many Plans which one is right for me?

Which plan is right for you depends on how many DVD's you usually watch each month. First consider; How many movies do you watch per Month? If you are like the typical household you will typically watch 6 - 9 DVD's per month. This puts you in the three DVD rentals plan range. You can use this as a starting point and if find yourself not watching all your DVDs or your waiting for your new DVD rentals to arrive you can adjust your plan. The three DVDs out at a time plan is by far the most popular.

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