A Series of One on One Interviews with Russian Ukraine Ladies Nordm Katrina

How to find and win the heart of a beautiful Russian, Ukraine woman. The ladies of both Russia and Ukraine are arguably the most beautiful in the world. Unfortunately there is both doubt and even mistrust by many men that they can actually succeed in finding the lady of their dreams. This series of interviews is designed to show the other point of view. How these ladies feel about taking what is for them,the huge step of actively seeking a foreign man. A Series of One on One interviews with Russian, Ukraine Ladies.

Nº 1 Katerina Question. Hello Kate. Thank you for agreeing to this interview.

Answer: Hello! I do not know how to work with computer and do not have it, I guess now I have a big opportunity to meet with a man in any part of the World and not to be limited with the boundary of one country. I would like to meet particularly a Spanish man. Q Was it something you did spontaneously, or did you consider this cautiously? Answer: Registration on the dating website was spontaneous for me.

I registered on the second day after personally meeting with workers of the agency. It is very different agency from others I heard about.It is an interesting opportunity for me to give you this interview.

Q You are a very beautiful young lady, it is difficult to believe you have any problem attracting the attention of men? Answer: Thank you for the compliment. Really I do not have any problems or difficulties in attracting a mans attention here in Ukraine. But now registering on the dating website I have more chances to meet interesting and different people, particularly foreign men.

Q.When did you decide to register to an international dating agency? Answer: I started working as a photographer in the dating agency in Kharkov. I have never thought before to work in any dating/marriage agency or even register there. I knew nothing about this, just the thought about such agencies associated with prostitution or export for dirty work abroad.

As a person who does only work in the kitchen, for example. Q Was it an easy decision to take, seeking your soul mate internationally? Answer: Yes, I took this decision easy. When you trust and see how the agency works there is no doubts or prejudice.

Q.Many ladies within the Ukraine are very suspicious, or even frightened of seeking a man from the West. Do you have some fears also? Answer: I do not have any fears in my life. Definitely there are no fears of men. But I can understand women's suspicions.

There are essential economical differences and laws of the consumer's world. The suspicious is - there is someone that can just use you for their self interests or benefit, use you like a housemaid, for example. But I do not deny that the same can happen here in Ukraine. It is possible even here. Q.

Do you know that many western men are very mistrustful, or doubtful of finding a genuine and sincere Ukraine lady? Have you heard these stories? Answer: Yes, I have heard about this, But there is also the same base for doubts for the Ukrainian women. I keep the rule that I should trust only myself. It is only your decision and you are the best adviser for yourself.

I say that Intuition is very helpful in such a case, when you need to take your decision. You can listen to advises of your friends, co-workers or people on the streets, but it is your life and you will have to live with it. Q.Please tell me, from the point of view of a Ukrainian Lady. Do you think you can find a loving, caring and respectful man from a foreign country? Answer: I have never met all these qualities together loving, caring and respectful. These are definitely important qualities but it is not enough - "the puzzle must be put together" .

I believe that the Earth isn't without good men, loving, caring and respectful. Q. Have you personally heard of some very frightening stories? Of terrible things Happening to Ukraine ladies, on moving to a foreign country? Answer: Yes, I have heard. It is awful. I will not allow any man to behave thus with me. Q But you are willing to try anyway? Answer: Yes, of course.

All people are different! There are good people and there are bad people equally. Q. You are an exceptionally beautiful lady. Do you feel that you have a Greater possibility of success outside of Ukrainia? Answer: Yes, I have an opportunity and I have a talent to express myself everywhere.

I am able also to find an interesting occupation for myself. Q* For me The Ukraine is an enigma, very beautiful, many very, very educated and Intelligent people, it seems to have so much potential and yet life seems very hard. Is it getting better? Do you feel life is improving within the Ukraine? Answer: I agree with you. You understand Ukraine very well. I guess now it is better than before. We now have more freedom.

It is easier even to "breath" . Q Thank you ??? For your honesty and openness. We wish you every success and Happiness and as the agency entrusted by you, we will be with you every step of the Way.

Well actually until you tell us you do not need us anymore. Answer: Thank you for your wishes. I hope it will be so; success and happiness are very close with us. Q May we include your photo/photos within this interview? Answer: Yes. This picture was made in the day of interview. These ladies are genuine and are sincere and serious in their quest to find love, happiness and a kind, respectful and caring man.

Clearly they have some concerns and hesitations about the path they have embarked upon and any man seeking to make one of these ladies his life partner should consider this and respond sensitively and supportively. Terrence Aubrey. An international dating agency devoted to the joining of hearts across the world. There are many beautiful Russian and Ukraine ladies, seeking a life partner otside of their country and we can present the opportunity for the meeting of hearts in a confidential and comfortable way. Start dating now. We can even offer matchmaking services

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