Why Leadership in Education is Necessary

There are essentially three types of education, the public school system, professional education, and leadership in education. Leadership in education is also known as Thomas Jefferson Education. For families who couldn't afford to give their children any other kind of education, public school was their option. The system was instituted to create students who could become part of the work force after receiving a diploma. In today's society, the majority of American students receive this form of education.

Educators who are familiar with Thomas Jefferson's form of education refer to the public school system as "conveyor-belt education." Basically, this analogy compares students to factory products. In the public school system, children are given all the same materials at the same age and are tested indistinguishably. There is no concentration on each individual's talents or interests.

This kind of education produces good workers, at any rate. They are taught what to think. The second system is professional education, which is very similar to its public counterpart. These schools provide training in specialized areas, such as business, law, medicine, and other trades. Professional schools are better known as trade schools. These schools are very difficult to get into, with only the best students being highly competitive.

A student who emerges from this school is a trained specialist who knows when to think. Leadership in education, or leadership education, is the third form of education. Historically, students of this system went on to become powerful leaders in government. Students from this system also become champions of noble causes, great speakers, and entrepreneurs.

Thomas Jefferson had a vision to create leaders who would prevent tyranny. Sadly, in just a few short years after his educational plan was instituted, the public education system started involving the government. These leaders, like Jefferson, through history have typically been home schooled.

Once receiving a foundation at home, they moved on to quality schools where they were able to learn the classics. Teachers and mentors guide their students in their studies, inspiring them to learn. Placing students at the feet of the great minds who created the classics give students the ability to learn how to think.

Unleash the power of Leadership in Education and join the Raise a Leader Revolution. Your child can be a True Leader.

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Why Leadership in Education is Necessary - There are essentially three types of education, the public school system, professional education, and leadership in education.

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